Brand Photography

Everything you put out into the world is a representation of your brand, from the feel of your business cards to the way you answer the phone—and in this digital age, the images you use to promote your product and services are more vital than ever. The importance of great, eye-catching photography for your business is that it gives us the opportunity to capture real content in creative ways—and to capture it in a way that is consistently on-brand, professional, and engaging. I work hard to learn and understand your brand aesthetic inside and out, and to craft each shoot around your unique goals and needs for your business. So you’ll get stunning, creative, attention-grabbing photos to reach your client and speak to your individual brand. Let’s be honest: did you even read this far, or just look at the pictures? You work hard at your business—now let it work for you.

Monthly Social Content Shoot

We all need fresh marketing content for our brand, especially in a world of social media platforms and constant updates. I now offer monthly social content shoots to solve this very problem. That means you’ll get monthly mini brand shoots with 15-20 digital photos every month for use on your digital/social media channels. These can be of your facilities, operations, product, employees in action, featured services/items, etc. - whatever you need! The idea is that you get a constant flow of fresh, current imagery that's relevant to your needs on a regular, ongoing basis—and can stop torturing yourself hunting for images to post! Need more images than that each month? Have more than one social media account to manage? Not sure what you need? Since one size does not fit all in terms of the companies and clients that I work with, this service is completely adaptable to suit your individual needs. So let’s tailor a monthly social content shoot that’s right for you.

Lifestyle / Creative Portraits

Looking for something a little different? So am I. All portraits don’t fit into neat little categories or boxes, and neither do you! So let’s get creative. From lifestyle portraits for marketing campaigns to portfolio shoots for creatives and entrepreneurs, we need stunning portrait photography for all kinds of things—and it should never be boring. Want some edgy new studio portraits for your portfolio? Looking for fresh shots of your band doing what they do best? Want to show off that product of yours with some beautiful lifestyle shots? Know that you need something different, but you’re not even quite sure what it is? We’ll craft a shoot that’s perfectly in line with your vision—Let’s talk.

Professional Headshots

Professional headshots don't have to be boring--but they do have to show you in the best light possible (so to speak!) In a professional world that’s gone digital, it's more important now than ever to make sure your headshot is professional, current, and contemporary. I offer headshots in-studio or on-location, whatever is most convenient for your busy schedule. I also offer on-site selection, so you get to choose your images right at your session, ensuring you will walk away with new pictures you’ll love! I understand how difficult it can be to make time for things like this--so I work hard to ensure it’s easy, seamless, and stress-free. Let’s get you a new picture you’ll be proud to show off.

Editorial / Adventure / Travel

The first time I ever picked up a real camera was on the road to Baja California, Mexico. I bought myself a spare memory card at a Walmart in Ensenada, and I never looked back. My roots in photography come from two places: a background and formal education in fine art, and a self-imposed mission of photographing my extensive personal travels. Whether you’ve got a vision for a lifestyle brand shoot in the Mexican desert, an editorial shoot featuring a remote town in Alaska, or are profiling the mountain bikers of Whistler: I’ve got you covered. Where in the world do you need photos? Send me there.

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