about - Jamie Bannon

Originally from New England, I am a photographer with a background in fine art and a severe case of wanderlust (who hates the word wanderlust). After driving cross-country for the first time, I fell in love with traveling, photography, and meeting new people. It took five more years, two more cross-country trips, and countless other excursions to truly figure out where I belonged, but at last I found solace with a camera in my hand. Thus, after a decade of working in the arts, armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and Art History, I finally discovered and decided to pursue photography as a career.

Born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and currently based in Hartford, Connecticut, I have also resided in Rhode Island, Barcelona, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Denver, and hit the road frequently for both work and play. As I now am expecting my first child, my adventures are changing, and my commercial work, particularly capturing moments between people and the everyday moments in my clients’ lives, is more important to me than ever.

What is most important about my work is the ability to capture real moments in creative ways.

This philosophy extends from my background in art as well as my focus on documenting my travels—and informs my work with a unique approach that separates me from others in my field.

Rather than approach shoots from the perspective of a commercial photographer, I approach all of my work from the viewpoint of an artist, art historian, traveler, and documentarian—a difference that can be seen across all of my photography, from landscapes to architectural spaces to portraits to marketing campaigns. I approach each shoot, each subject, and each photograph in the same way I do a blank canvas or a block of clay, and I often catch myself viewing the world around me in compositions and frames.

I hate the word authentic almost as much as I hate the word wanderlust, because it’s so often overused these days—but authenticity is a primary focus of all of my work. Why fake it when beauty is all around you, just waiting to be captured? As Oscar Wilde said best,

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.”

I view each shoot as a unique opportunity to explore that very notion, and I would love to share that with you. If you would like to hire me for a project, book a session, or simply contemplate the nuanced relationship between art and life, please reach out to me at info@jamiebannon.com.

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